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28′ Hanson

029 This year (2013) we started the second Forest Service Scaler’s boat designed by H.C. Hanson in 1957. To see us building the first Hanson, click here.

The U.S.F.S. used these boats to get the scaling crews to the log rafts at remote harvest sites. Their job was to determine the volume, or “scale” of the timber; A scaler would measure each log, identify the species and deduct for defects to estimate the amount and quality of lumber in it. The scalers would tie up their boats to the log rafts and, wearing their cork boots, they would walk the rafts measuring and grading the logs in the water.

These boats were designed as rugged sea boats, built to serve in coastal waters of the North Pacific.  Hanson had a great eye for work boats, and these have the classic lines of the Northwest work boats that he is famous for. The first boat we built never failed to draw a crowd.

I slightly re-designed the second boat; Stretching it to 28′ 6″ and adding a foot of beam. I also carried the beam further aft increasing beam at the transom. I did change a few of the construction details, most notably by widening the harpins so I could set the house on the deck. This will allow us to build the house off the boat next year.

-Tim Lee