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CedarRoot Folk School Workshops: June 14-August 31, 2013

You can enhance your educational experience in the Jefferson County, Port Hadlock and Port Townsend, Washington area by attending CedarRoot Folk School workshops.:: PO Box 135 :: Nordland, WA 98358 ::  [email protected]

Masonry Stove

Come learn the elegant design of eastern European high thermal mass stoves.   These fuel efficient stoves are designed to radiate heat back into a living space for a long time and can also be used to cook.  This hands-on workshop will cover concept, design variations, material use, and utilization.  Participants will leave this workshop with the fundamentals needed to recreate their own masonry stove for home or shop.

June 14th (evening) 15-16th :: Port Townsend, WA :: Ages: adult  :: Instructor Jason Temple :: $180 :: 2 1/2 days

Introduction to Blacksmithing and Knife Making Workshop

A two-day workshop producing a personal knife.  The workshop emphasizes tool making techniques as well as basic blacksmithing.  Using recycled car springs, a blade will be forged to the student’s suitability for shape, then heat treated and tempered.  A handle will be made from wood and fitted to the blade, followed by instruction in sharpening and care.  Safety and respect for materials and the forge environment will be emphasized.  Class size is limited to 4.   Students need ALL cotton clothing, gloves, leather shoes or boots. June 29-30 :: Marrowstone Island :: Instructor Rick Kirkwood :: Cost $165 + $30 material fee :: 2 Full Days

Intermediate Blacksmithing Class- Build your own forge

Participants of this class will create a highly functioning propane forge.  Intermediate Students will each make their own forge to bring home. These forges can be used to create a pluthera of home projects like knives, hinges, hangers and brackets. Students must have taken a basic blacksmithing (or equivelent experience) to participate. Instructor Rick Kirkwood

Fire Making Class

Back by popular demand.  This class will cover the basics of fire making with traditional technologies. Participants will learn hand drill, bow drill, flint and steel and basic fire mechanics.  All students will leave with a functioning fire kit.

June 30th :: Port Townsend, WA :: Ages: 5-adult (students under 12 must be accompanied by an adult) :: Instructor Justin Lake :: $85 :: Full Day ::

Farmstead Cheese Making Class

Explore and learn about Farmstead Cheese Making.  Participants will work in the entire process from milk to cheese.  Basics in dairy animal management, hand milking and fresh cheese making techniques will be taught in a hands-on manner.  All students will leave with their own home made cheese.

July 14th :: Mystery Bay Farm,  WA :: Ages: 8-adult (students under 10 must be accompanied by an adult) :: $75+20 material fee :: Instructor Rachael VanLaanen :: Full Day ::

Bow Making and Archery

The art of building and shooting longbows have been practiced worldwide for thousands of years.  Bows have been used for survival, sport and meditation (Zen Archery).  This class is a continuation of these ancient practices.  During this class you will learn the skills to build a longbow, how to choose wood, the tools needed and their use, how to  make strings and weather “proof” your finished bow.  By the second day your bow will be ready to shoot and we will spend the afternoon learning ‘instinctive’ shooting techniques.

July 20th-21st :: Marrowstone Island, WA :: Ages: 5-adult (students under 12 must be accompanied by an adult) :: InstructorsPeter Yenken and Scott Brinton :: $160 + $40 material fee :: 2 Full Days ::

Tool Sharpening

Mid-summer and our tools need to be honed.  This class will give you the confidence to sharpen many useful tools found around a homestead from kitchen knives to crosscut saws. After learning techniques and equipment needed for a variety of tools, participants will receive a chance to sharpen some of their implements brought from home. July 21st :: Near Port Townsend, WA :: Ages: Adult :: InstructorSteve Habersetzer :: $45 :: Half Day ::

Arrow Making

Come explore and connect to your ancient roots in this one day workshop learning to craft the primitive wooden arrow with shafts constructed from locally harvested shoots, natural fibers & wild turkey feathers. Many types of arrowswill be discussed – each tailored to specific situations or purpose. Stone points will be provided which you will learn to haft with homemade pitch glue – useful skills which also comprise the basics for making many other stone age hafted tools and weapons. Participants will take home at least one fully completed, ready-to-shoot primitive hunting arrow and more importantly the knowledge needed to make more! July 27th :: Port Townsend, WA :: Ages: 5-adult (students under 12 must be accompanied by an adult) :: Instructor Eric Johnson :: $80 + $15 material fee :: Full Day ::

Edible Landscape Design

This workshop covers the basic tenants of Agroecology and Permaculture.  Participants will tour a highly functioning edible landscape, and then create drawings and designs for their own property.  Topics will include: species selection, mimicry of natural ecosystems, microclimates, plant guilds, pest control, irrigation, year round harvest, propagation techniques, weed suppression, plant succession and much more.

July 28th :: Marrowstone Island, WA :: Ages: Adult :: InstructorScott Brinton :: $45 :: Half Day ::

Round-Pole Timber Framing Intensive

Round-Pole Timber Framing Intensive  July 29-August 3

Learn the basics of structural joinery and round pole construction in this six day, hands-on, intensive course. Topics will include use and care of hand tools, design considerations, interface between round poles and sawn lumber, and appropriate use of fasteners.  The course will focus around the construction of a 10 x 12 foot “clubhouse,” beginning in the shop where we will prepare the joinery and ending with the assembly of the structure on site in the heart of Port Townsend. This structure will provide the first in a series of natural building courses offered in conjunction with Rainshadow Natural Builders Guild.

July 29th- August 3rd :: Port Townsend, WA :: Ages: adult :: Instructors Steve Habersetzer ::$850 :: 6 Days ::

Wildlife Tracking Club

Come learn from the animals.  Who made that track?  How fast was this it going?  How does it fit into the larger ecological puzzle?  Which way was it looking?  What emotional state was it in?   Drop in and learn the answers to these and many other mysteries of tracking with talented naturalist and community members.  Together we will uncover stories written upon the sand and assist each other into greater knowledge of animal behavior. August 4 :: Mouth of the Chimacum Creek (directions) :: Ages: all but under 12 must be accompanied by an adult :: $10 :: 10am-noon

 Herbal First Aid Kits

Learn how to create an Herbal First Aid kit from wild medicinal plants as well as your own garden. You will learn how to identify, harvest and process Wild Medicinal plants from the beautiful forests, meadows and sea of our local area, both for wilderness travel or your home use. Learn how to make all natural medicines for burns, bug bites, cuts and scrapes, muscle aches, colds, parasites and more. You will gain the knowledge and confidence of being able to help yourself and others in times of need. Included in this class will be a handout for assembling your own kit as well as your own liniment/salve, tincture and all natural insect repellent.  August 3rd :: Port Townsend :: Ages: adult (students under 18 must be accompanied by an adult) :: Instructor Nicole Larson :: $65 + $10 material fee :: Full Day ::

Root Cellar Design

With the abundance of summer, we start looking at the ancient dilemma of storing our food through the winter.  This class will tour a highly functional root cellar and focus on general design considerations.   Topics will include: ventilation, thermal mass, insulation, storage requirements of different fruits and vegetables and shelving.  “In the field” storage techniques and alternative surplus storage techniques will be explored

August 10th :: Port Townsend :: Ages: adult (students under 18 must be accompanied by an adult) :: Instructor Steve Habersetzer :: $75 :: Full Day ::

Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water is one of the most cost effective techniques for putting the sun’s energy to work while minimizing your monthly electricity bill.  This workshop is perfect for those interested in creating their own system or who simply want an introduction to heating water with the sun.  Topics include equipment, freeze protection, circulation pumps, passive designs, tips and tricks for installation, pros and cons of different systems and creating solar hot tubs. This class will visit two different systems and cover the necessary elements of several others.

August 11th ::  Marrowstone Island, WA :: Ages: adult :: Instructor Kenny Schordine :: $45 :: Half Day ::

Soap Making

Learn how to make your own gentle cleansing soap from raw ingredients.  This class will cover all of the basics of soap making in a hands-on format.  Each student will make their own soap to bring home and, more importantly, the knowledge to successfully make all of their own soap in the future.

August 17th ::  Location TBD :: Ages: Ages: 5-adult :: Instructor Anne Aldrich :: $45+$20 material fee :: Full Day ::

Living Roofs

In this workshop you will learn the basics of creating three simple, inexpensive, and lightweight living roofs. Part of our time will be spent in lecture and part in hands-on assembling a living roof using hand tools on a small shed, which is already framed and has roof sheathing. We will start with morning coffee or tea (provided)  in the cob kiva by the pond at9 a.m. Bring a sack lunch for the mid-day meal, if desired, and we will finish up around 3 or 4 p.m. Anyone wishing to stay after school can self-tour on the homestead. Lots to see and learn from 36 years of work.

August 31st ::  Marrowstone Island, WA :: Ages:: Adult :: Instructor Greg Lalish :: $75 :: Full Day ::

Youth Programs– Although many of these classes are appropriate for many age levels, Click Here for Youth Specific Programs