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CHAMBERLIN-36 Keel completed!

Chamberlin 36
Congratulations on completing the keel of the CHAMBERLIN 36! Shown left to right are: Students Korey Ruben, Corey Rodgers, Cyrus Dworsky, Penelope Partridge, Ryan Wilmsmeier, Mussa Ulenga, Alden Rohrer, Instructor Ben Kahn, Reuben Ewan, Adrian Candaux, Jeff Lydston, Mike Lee and Alex Cox.

This big 36-foot long motor sailor was designed by designer Carl Chamberlin of Port Townsend, WA and modified for an owner in southern California. Construction began in January, 2014. It is being built at the School 2014-1016 by the Traditional Large Craft classes under the direction of Instructor Ben Kahn.

SEA BEAST, named after the owner’s favorite dog, is the second of these big motor sailors to be built, and was expanded six inches in beam to accommodate a Gardner 3L diesel engine.

Instructor Ben Kahn is leading construction.

The boat will be planked with port orford cedar planking over white oak frames on a purpleheart keel. The deck house will be built of fiberglassed marine plywood, and the masts and spars constructed of sitka spruce.