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Chris Lindstam (Class of 2014) hired at The Boat Company, Port Orchard, WA

Chris LindstamChris Lindstam (Class of 2014) was hired by The Boat Company in Port Orchard, WA.

“Taking an Alaskan Cruise in 2015 or planning ahead for 2016? See Alaska ‘up close and personal’ with The Boat Company. Incorporated in 1979 by the McIntosh Foundation, The Boat Company is the only non-profit educational organization offering luxury eco-cruises through Southeast Alaska (a portion of the cost of most trips is tax deductible). With over 35 years of cruising and conservation in Alaska’s Inside Passage, The Boat Company has reinvested between $25 and $30 million into conservation efforts throughout the region.”

Chris graduated in the Contemporary Wood Composite Boatbuilding program with his Associate of Occupational Studies degree. Chris also took Repair and Restoration in the summer quarter of his program. The thing I remember most about Chris was his willingness to get dirty and to get the job done regardless of the challenges. Chris distinguished himself at the school with his work on repair and restoring a 1960s Chris Craft speed boat.

We are so proud of you, Chris! Best wishes!