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Class of 2014 skiffs nearing completion!

This year’s class has done a terrific job on their skiffs! We can’t wait to see them on the water!

Bruce Blatchley, instructor, with his students l. to r.: Bobby Bowen, Matt Shaunnessy, Austin Hatch, Penelope Partridge, Michael Mullally, Alex Finn, Alan Fenwick and Bruce Blatchley. (Not pictured are Ryan Oswalt and Peter Flint.) These students are finishing up their first quarter at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding. During their initial quarter they study basic woodworking, drafting, lofting and skiff building.

Peter Bailey's group
Peter Bailey, instructor, with his students l. to r.: Rw Barrett, Andrew McGilvra, Peter Bailey, Johnathan Ishmael, Bradley Suedekum, Chris Carle, Drew Larson, John Sandoval, and Kristen Andrews.

Ben Kahn's group
Ben Kahn, instructor, with his students l. to r.: Jeff Lydston, Ben Kahn, Chuck Garrett, Alex Cox, Noah Sturdy, Chris Lindstam, Reuben Ewan,  and Steve Kim. (Not pictured are Galen Brake and Glenn Quarles.)

Ernie Baird, instructor, with his students l. to r. Jacob Simmering, Lafayette Duvall, Mussa Ulenga, Ernie Baird, Adrian Candaux, Russell Bates, Caro Clark,  Alden Rohrer and Gary Ragsdale . (Not pictured are Jessiah Worley and Mark Paxton.)

Jesse Long, instructor, with his students l. to r.: Jesse Long, Eric Kay, Mike Lee, Michael Voderberg, Cyrus Dworsky, and Caleb Underwood. (Not pictured are Alec Binder and Corey Rodgers.)