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Dave Eckler (Class of 2007) starts Wooden Boat Accessories in Port Angeles, Washington

David EcklerDavid Eckler graduated from the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding in 2007 and has been going strong every since!

He does artisan woodwork and custom boat building. He designs and builds wooden boat accessories. You can see his work and get his contact information at the following website:

david eckler website imageKeep an eye out for the upcoming edition of the Small Craft Advisory for December/January 2015 – when a small article  (a “blurb”) about David and his business development will be published!

“Tired of getting your foot tangled up in your anchor line? Tired of tripping over y​our water bottle and chasing it down just to get a drink of water?”

Go to David’s website and he’ll help solve these and other problems for you – with custom woodworking!

David’s advice for boat school students: “If you get an idea in your head about something, follow through with the idea and that way you can see if it will work – if it will come together into a viable business.”