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Drowned wood to be transformed into boat

Members of the boatbuilding team visited local sawyer Dave Golding who has operated a mill that’s been in Tassie for 150 years. He specializes in milling Celery Top Pine, harvested by Hydrowood (underwater logging of dammed reservoirs). Celery top pine is good for all members of the boat: centerline, framing, planking, decking, etc. and is what we’re using on the Haven’s. The logs are approximately 20′ long, 2′-3′ in diameter and 150-200 years old! Our stash of boatbuilding lumber is a mixed bag of beautiful clear grain, shake, and other defects. It “looks” like yellow cedar, smells like nothing, but is very oily and has a density similar to sapele. The boatbuilding team is look forward to getting into this stuff!