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Michael Voderberg (Class of 2014) is working on 12-meter motor sailor Fiona and at Farrand Orchards, New Zealand!

mike voderbergMichael Voderberg (Class of 2014) was hired by Farrand Orchards in New Zealand and is also working on an exciting boat project there, Fiona. Here is a note from Mike:

“So as far as my employment goes I was hired as an independent contractor by Farrand Orchards. It is a commercial kiwifruit farm in KeriKeri New Zealand. As well as learning how to be a commercial orchard manager I spend a large portion of my time restoring a 12 meter motor sailor named Fiona. The boat was owned by my employer’s father and has┬áheaps of sentimental value to him. It is quite an honor to be able to bring this family treasure back to life. Between the two different aspects of my job I am kept quite busy often spending the mornings out under a canopy of fruit. Then when the sun gets too oppressive it’s into the boat shed for the afternoon and evenings. Here are some photos of my various projects.”

Mike, we are exceedingly proud of you and your accomplishments! Best wishes from the Boat School!

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