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Port Townsend Foundry

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Port Townsend Foundry is a custom and production nonferrous foundry. We are able to produce a wide range of products using only the best materials available today.

Since 1983, we have built our reputation on hard work and customer satisfaction. Although the road has not always been paved in gold or smooth as one would hope, we have managed to flourish with the ongoing support of customers and employees.

We are not affiliated with any other companies and don’t supply any offshore products. We are proud to use the words “Made in The USA.”

Our main product line is marine hardware for sail, power and commercial vessels of all sizes. Castings are produced in silicon (everdure), manganese, aluminum-bronze, white bronze and aluminum alloys. Items range from deck hardware, mast fittings to rudder pintles and gudgeons. We are sure you will like the number of things to choose from.

Our next line is public oriented products. These are the things you see on city streets or your neighborhood parks etc.

Our custom line might be the most exciting to those who need something a little different from off-the-shelf parts. Engine components, antique replacements, one offs, research and development. Talk to us — we love to think with you.

Industrial hardware is for paper and saw mills and house movers.

Architectural castings are both structural and ornamental.