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Shaped on all Six Sides

Shaped on all Six Sides from New Canada on Vimeo.

A short documentary about the craft and philosophy of wooden boat carpentry.

Directed by Kat Gardiner
Produced by Kat Gardiner & Nathan Walker

Starring Andy Stewart
James McMullen
Greg McCrosky
Nathan Walker

A Food Chain Production
Shot & Edited by Kat Gardiner
GoPro & Music Supervision by Nathan Walker
Titles by Slow Loris

Music by
Your Heart Breaks “Instrumental #1”
Dana Falconberry “Please Sparrow”
Sea of Bees “ALIEN”

Special Thanks to:
Brad Goldthwaite, Kristin Stewart, Jessica Lynch, Mike Quinn & Mission Control, Will Murphy, James McMullen, Clyde Peterson, Dana Falconberry, Julie Ann Bee, John Baccigallupi, Frank, Benoit & Greg.