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Thank you to Master Instructor Jeff Hammond – 20 years later!

392Our beloved Master Instructor, Jeff Hammond received a thank-you email from a student who began his woodworking career 20 years ago under Jeff’s expert tutelage. We think that Kipp’s story is a perfect example of how the skills learned at the Boat School, building beautiful works of floating wooden art, can be transformed into any of the fine woodworking trades. For 31 years, teaching craftsmanship has been our mission and we are pleased to see how far Kipp has taken his craft.

We want to share Kipp’s story with you! Please watch the inspiring video of Kipp in his shop using the skills he learned from Jeff Hammond 20 years ago at the School, masterfully crafting wooden musical art.


I was a student of yours nearly 20 years ago, in the class of 1993.
At age 21, I came into your program without ever having held a hand plane, a chisel or a spokeshave. I had no previous exposure to technical drafting or to lofting. I only say this because I want you & the staff there to know that my journey as a craftsman began at your school.

My craft has become, over time, the building of guitars rather than that of boats, but it is a craft that I have mastered. I wanted to share with you a video that was shot in my shop a few weeks ago. (see below)

I hope that it displays the degree to which my life has been affected by your program. I also hope that you can send it to both Ray Speck & Neil, who taught our orientation to woodworking & to anyone in your community to whom it may apply.

I am both thankful & immensely grateful for all that your school has done & continues to do for the preservation of craftsmanship.

Respect & Regards,
Kipp Krusa
class of 1993

Birth of a Guitar from Christopher Durai on Vimeo.